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Camping Self-help guide to Loch-Lomond Scotland

Josiah Easton January 11, 2014 Camping Guide Comments Off on Camping Self-help guide to Loch-Lomond Scotland
Camping Self-help guide to Loch-Lomond Scotland

Wild Camping

If you want the freedom and flexibility that camping wild brings, and you also don’t fancy needing to pay people annoying campground costs, simply follow these instructions to make certain your safety as well as the upkeep in the land while wild camping within the Loch.

This is an offence to camping inside the East Loch Lomond Restricted Zone anytime or evening, except if you use one of the official designated sites. There is also a map in the restricted area below. These byelaws apply from 1 March to 31 October every year, and affect:

Tents, wigwams, bivouacs anytime

Garden animal shelters overnight

Tarpaulin animal animal shelters overnight

Any type of shelter overnight

Over sleeping a automobile overnight.

A weekend period is recognized as being 7pm to 7am, together with an optimum fine of £500 is relevant to breaches in the byelaws (uh oh).

Because we have says wild camping round the east side in the Loch can be a large no-no, what about the non-restricted areas? Wild camping is permitted such parts of the country’s Park incorporated within the public’s right of responsible access. However, this does not allow vehicle or vehicular utilization of camping. But don’t worry! ‘Wild Camping, Useful tips permanently Practice’ notifies us that that although kerbside camping is not usually considered wild camping, it’ll occur, that is approved. Hurrah! To make sure the type individuals from the Alpinism Council of Scotland keep letting us camping with the kerbside inside our Rockin’ vans, please follow these simple recommendations to have the ability to keep Loch Lomond safe and wonderful:

Request nearby people before pitching if you wish to camping near houses.

Remember automobiles have a very great impact on plant existence, so park on hard ground or around the safe metalled area.

Avoid websites which are susceptible to being overused. Congregational kerbside camping could cause significant problems.

Leave camping when you think it is! Remove all litter, don’t burry or hide it under gems as it could harm wildlife and dirties the attractive land.

Consider others! The higher the audience, greater it’s to keep negative impacts low, so keep groups small, and noise levels low.

Be nice for the wildlife! Food scraps, even when hidden, attract scavenging wild wild birds and animals, many of which victimize weaker nesting wild wild birds, so please take all scraps of food away together with you.

Desire to light a fire place? Take advantage of the stove if whatsoever possible (like the handy one inch your Rockin’ van), however when you will have to make an empty fire, maintain it small , under control, remove all traces before departing, instead of cut lower or damage trees for logs!

Human waste: Ensure to bury your toilet waste properly and urinate no less than 30 metres from open water.

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