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Eat Well While Camping

Josiah Easton July 14, 2016 Travel Comments Off on Eat Well While Camping
Eat Well While Camping

Everywhere you look today there is a deluge of outdoorsman television shows from Survivorman to Mountain Men. Being a wilderness conquistador is all the rage. For many of us, that entails a weekend camping trip. Whether you are a crackerjack camper or merely a novice, you’ll want to bring as many of the amenities of home as available. Of all the creature comforts that one might take on a camping trip, perhaps the most important is food. If you are only going to be gone a day or so and have a good cooler, you can bring refrigerator items. However, if you are camping an extended period, consider essentials that don’t require refrigeration.


Hot home cooked meals are the best, but when you are camping a hot meal isn’t always readily available. If it is raining or just too warm for a campfire, you won’t be roasting your dinner over an open fire. It is important that you pack easy snacks and meals for your camping trip. If you are a man’s man, you will want to ensure you have some protein as well. You might have seen some guy on television eating bugs, but trust me, they don’t taste anything like a home cooked meal. One of the best foods you can pack for your camping trip is jerky. This phenomenal food can take the heat and the cold and is packed with flavor. Of all the different types of jerky, one might bring, bacon jerky has to be the best. Bacon jerky has the same protein of any other jerky, with twice the flavor. It is especially great in the mornings when you are craving a sunrise breakfast and don’t have the ability to make one, and let’s face it who doesn’t love bacon.

Trail Time

After your morning breakfast, you might adventure off into the unknown or onto a trail. Granola bars are great for energy and tend to stay relatively fresh and resistant to the elements in individually wrapped packaging. You may also want to bring along a few treats. Something sweet is always a fantastic treat between meals. Consider the temperature when packing candy, though, you don’t want to bring a Snickers bar on a hot summer day. A sports drink with electrolytes will help maintain hydration. If you only have water, be sure to bring along some of your jerky. The sodium in the jerky will help you to keep water in your system.


It is time to settle in for the night. Maybe you caught a fish today and can cook it over an open fire. Maybe you weren’t so lucky but still want a meal. Bring the necessities for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and pack some hot cocoa packets for your trip. If you have an open fire, try heating up some water for hot cocoa. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich will fill you for the night and the warm drink will be a delight and will help them sleep

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