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For Your Next Holiday, Walk Your Way to Fun and Excitement

Josiah Easton October 26, 2016 Travel Comments Off on For Your Next Holiday, Walk Your Way to Fun and Excitement
For Your Next Holiday, Walk Your Way to Fun and Excitement

People are always trying to come up with new ways to enjoy their holiday each year. While many people choose the beach or the mountains, many more choose to do something different and unique. This includes walking and hiking holidays, which usually allow you to walk at your own pace, and which offer some of the most amazing scenery anywhere in the world. Walking holidays allow you to enjoy beautiful lands, interesting tourist spots, extravagant dining facilities, and even some downtime so that you can relax for a bit. Best of all, these holidays are available in many countries around the world. So, regardless of where you wish to visit while you are away, you can enjoy that area as you walk your way to fun.

Fitness and Fun Combined

Walking holidays are available for people of all fitness levels, so there is no need for concern about the treks being too difficult for you to accomplish on your own. Tours are available with or without a tour guide, but in either case, you usually receive a map of your route so that you know where you are going and where you can stop to eat, to view an attraction, or to relax and have a drink. Most tour companies will relocate both your car and your luggage, so when you stop for the evening at the end of each day, both will already be there waiting for you. Tour companies make travelling each day simple, so that all you have to do is concentrate on hiking and walking for most of the day.

Many Locations Are Available

One of the biggest advantages to taking a walking holiday is the fact that they are offered in countries all over the world, usually near some pretty amazing tourist attractions. For example, walking holidays in Greece offer opportunities such as walking the Samaria Gorge in Crete, enjoying a historical castle while in the Cyclades Island, and taking advantage of markets and alfresco cafes in Corfu and Paxos. The map you receive will indicate where these attractions are, guaranteeing that you will not miss anything important, and the activities suggested are usually popular, unique, and a lot of fun.


In addition to Greece, other countries that offer walking holidays include the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain, to name a few. The websites of these tour companies offer detailed descriptions of all their tours, full-colour photographs of the scenery offered in many of the countries, complete pricing information, and even itineraries so that you can get some idea of how you’ll spend your time on one of these holidays. Whether you have walked very little in your life, or you are an experienced walker, you can easily take advantage of the perfect walking holiday offered by these tour companies, because they will take good care of you and offer you a once-in-a-lifetime holiday that you will not soon forget.

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