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Three free camping destinations you must try

Josiah Easton November 26, 2015 Destination Comments Off on Three free camping destinations you must try
Three free camping destinations you must try

Camping is anything but glamorous, but the whole point is to get away from all the glitter and commune with nature, right? However, camping does not have to be same-old, same-old, either. If you are tired of your usual camping haunts, consider going to another country. Yes, there are some countries where camping is de rigueur, and it does not even have to be too expensive if you book ahead with Orbitz.  In addition, these three countries have free camping sites you can use.


The great outdoors in Sweden is something else, which is why tent camping is encouraged. You can stay in many campsites without the maximum stay of two days. The Swedes are very proud of the natural surroundings, and they want other people to experience it, too. Some sites require a camping card, though, so find out which ones do not. Pitch a tent, but don’t light a fire.


It is true, there are free camping sites in Japan, although not many. However, there are thousands of campsites to choose from, and the not-free ones charge as little as 200 yen a night, which is not even $2! You can camp wild, but ask the locals first if it is allowed.  A good one is the Miyajima Tsutsumigaura Camp-jo’ on Miyajima. You pay 300 yen per person per night, but it has shower, toilet, and cooking facilities. The best time to go is the summer, between July and August.


Camping wild in Morocco is actually quite common, and most seasoned campers have no complaints about their safety. The most that can be said against it is that the people are friendly and always ready to be of assistance to travelers.  No, wait, that’s a good thing! However, expect to be hustled along by the police if you camp along the Atlantic coast north of Agadir. It is better to go further inland.

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