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Transportation for Your Next Event

Josiah Easton August 25, 2016 Travel Comments Off on Transportation for Your Next Event
Transportation for Your Next Event

If you’re in charge of an event at a venue that is remote, you’re going to need to think about transportation. People coming to your event might need a place to park, and there’s always the possibility that there will not be enough space for all of the cars coming to the event. In addition to this, there may be elderly people or those that cannot drive that would still like to come to the event. This is quite common for events like weddings and conferences. Even if you’re not running one of these events, you’ll still need to consider transportation.

This article will cover a few tips for you to consider when organising transportation for your next event. This way you can be as prepared as possible for your event without worrying about the stress of figuring out transportation.


If you’re hosting an event in the Hunter Valley region, there are several different locations you need to consider, including different wineries, restaurants, and more. If your event happens across multiple locations, you should look into Hunter Valley bus transfers. You can hire a bus to take your guests from one location to another without worrying about bringing their car with them.

You should also let guests know that if they’re planning on doing their own thing at some point, they can use the bus transfer system as a resource to get from one place to another without the hassle of driving their car everywhere.

In addition to these benefits, there’s also the possibility that some guests will have had too much to drink and will be unable to operate a vehicle in their condition. Reminding guests that they always have the option to take the bus from the winery to the next location is a great way to keep everyone safe during your event.

Designate a Parking Destination

If you’re planning on relying on bus transfers to move your guests around, you should let them know a good place to park so that all of their vehicles are in one place. You can schedule bus pickups based on their initial arrival, and the bus can take them from the parking location to the venue hosting your event.

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Try talking to the venue beforehand to reserve parking spaces for your guests. Once you’ve determined a good location for guests to leave their vehicles, it’s time to let them in on the plan. Send an email prior to the event and explain the directions for how to get to the parking location in order to get picked up and taken to the event at the venue.

As long as you’re on top of the organisational aspect of the transportation during your upcoming event, everything will be fine. Just be sure to make guests aware of bus transfers and remind them to be safe instead of sorry when it comes to driving around the Hunter Valley region. Make sure your guests know where to go, and can easily get back to their cars when it’s time to go home.

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